In 1957 Dante Giacosa designed  Fiat  500 nicknamed the Bambino. This model  sell more than four million copies over a production run of 18 years. Translated from concept to production design under the design direction of Frank Stephenson, the 2007 500 also features Dante Giacosa’s  breakthrough. The new Fiat  500 is 0.5 m longer than the original. In 2011, to promote the arrival of the Fiat 500 overseas, was created  a launch campaign around the slogan “Simply More» , followed by  a new advertising campaign featuring Jennifer Lopez . On photos you can see the orginal Fiat 500 and his modern version.    
f4c840b86db4dfdec6930c1432f6a4a2  logo2 view_10_foro-Nerva-I-secforum-of-nerva-transitory Transient Forum was designed and built by Domitian in area located between the Temple of Peace and the Forum of Augustus, opened (A.D. 97) by the Emperor Nerva. Today you can still see a section with two columns (in the Middle Ages were nicknamed “the Colonnacce”) and used as a tavern and than as a bakery.